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Ingredients in Our Soap


The Carrier Oils,  Essential Oils, and other botanicals used in our soaps are pure and  unadulterated.  We believe the quality of a finished product is no  greater than the quality of its parts, so we make sure that each and  every ingredient is the finest nature has to offer.

Carrier Oils - Essential Oils - Other Botanicals

Carrier Oils


Carrier Oils are the vegetable oils and butters that act as the base  of the soap.  In correct combinations they are absorbed by the skin, providing a rejuvenating, healing and softening effect.  Wild Fern uses  the following carrier oils:

Jojoba Oil is extracted from the seeds of the desert shrub Simmondsia chinensis.  Jojoba closely resembles the natural  moisturizing oil, sebum, which is secreted by human skin.  It is used to  soften and moisturize dry and mature skin, helps to heal inflamed skin  conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis.  This oil also helps to  control acne and oily skin and scalp, and is an antioxidant.  Jojoba is a  wonderful humectant (attracts moisture to the skin and retains it), and is absorbed readily by all skin types.

Canola Oil, This medium light, odorless oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  Easily absorbed into the  skin and high in gamma linoleic acid, it is recommended for all skin  types.  It is very stable, long lasting oil.

Olive Oil, from Olea europea, is a very effective  moisturizer because it attracts external moisture, holds the moisture close to the skin (another humectant) and forms a breathable film to  prevent loss of internal moisture.  It does not block the natural functions of the skin.

Wheat Germ Oil is derived from the wheat plant Triticum vulgare.  This nourishing oil is used to treat eczema and  psoriasis.  It is also known to help prevent or reduce scarring.  Wheat  Germ oil is high in the antioxidant vitamin E.

Sunflower Oil (Helianthus annus) is very readily  absorbed by the skin, and contains vitamins E, A, B, and D, and is therefore used often in skin therapy products.

Castor Oil (Palm Christi oil) is derived from Ricinus communis, the castor bean.  Like jojoba and olive oils, castor oil is a humectant, drawing and retaining moisture to the skin.  It is used as a scalp conditioner and makes a wonderful lather.

Cocoa Butter, Theobroma cacao, is derived from the  same bean as are chocolate and cocoa.  This butter is pressed from cocoa beans as a byproduct of the making of chocolate.  Cocoa butter is another humectant (lays down a protective layer that holds moisture to the skin).

Coconut Oil is derived from Copra, which is dried coconut meat.  This oil’s contributions to our soap are threefold: it is moisturizing, it makes for a hard bar of soap and it gives us a  wonderful, creamy lather.

Palm Kernel Oil, obtained from the fruit of the African Oil Palm tree, Elaeis guineesis, makes for a very white, very hard soap that lathers beautifully in all types of water.

Almond Oil (Amygdalus communis) is also known as “sweet almond” oil.  This oil has effective skin-softening properties  and offers relief for itchy and inflamed skin.

Soy Oil is derived from soya beans, Soybean oil is a emollient, solvent and moisturizer. This oil contributes to stable  lather and conditioning.

Essential Oils


Essential Oils are plant extracts, usually obtained by distillation.   Large amounts of plant matter are required to produce minute quantities  of oil, which accounts for their considerable price.  These are the  oils used in aromatherapy, and are completely natural substances.  Some  of the properties of the oils we use are listed below.

Lemon has a fresh, sharp aroma.  It is  antineuralgic, antirheumatic, antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal,  antifungal, emollient and insecticidal, and is a tonic to the  circulatory system.  Has been known to relieve headaches and soothe  insect bites and stings, is often used for skin and hair care, including  psoriasis, and is both an antidepressant and a sedative.  A natural  deodorant.

Grapefruit has a sweet, sharp, citrusey aroma.  It  is antidepressant, antiseptic, disinfectant and may also have an effect  on fluid retention.  This oil also has been known to relieve migraine  and premenstrual tension, and is an aid in the treatment of acne.   Grapefruit also promotes hair growth.

Orange has a zesty, refreshing citrus fragrance.  It  is antidepressant, antiseptic, sedative and disinfectant.  Used in  treating eczema and dermatitis and as a general body tonic.  Works to  combat wrinkles.

Tangerine is sweet and tangy.  It is antiseptic,  sedative and can soothe tired and aching limbs.  It is used in the  treatment of oily skin and acne, also eases insomnia and nervous  tension.

Tea Tree (Ti-Tree) essential oil has a fresh aroma,  somewhat sanitary and pungent.  It is antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral,  bactericidal, fungicidal, insecticidal and sudorific.  It is refreshing  and revitalizing, and is helpful in treatment of dry skin, acne and  dandruff.  It is used in the treatment of skin sores, rashes, blisters,  and burns, soothes insect bites and is a natural insect repellent.

Peppermint and Spearmint are listed  together because their properties are similar.  Spearmint is slightly  sweeter.  Some of the functions of these oils include effectiveness as  stimulants, antidepressants and stress relievers and usefulness in  treating headaches.  These oils are also useful in treatment of acne and  dermatitis.

Rosemary has a refreshing, herbal fragrance.  It is  analgesic, antidepressant, antiheumatic, antiseptic and astringent. It  is often used for skin care, helping to combat acne, dermatitis and  eczema, is useful for hair care and is a treatment for headaches.   Encourages hair growth and is a natural insect repellent. Should be  avoided during pregnancy.

Palmarosa has a floral, slightly dry fragrance with a  hint of rose.  It is antiviral, bactericidal, antiseptic, and  febrifugal, and aids in the treatment of acne, eczema and aging skin.   Also a stress reliever.

Patchouli has a strong, earthy fragrance that’s also  sweet and spicy.  It is antidepressant, relieves stress, is antiseptic,  antibiotic, astringent, fungicidal, insecticidal, acts as a natural  deodorant, tissue regenerator, is a treatment for dandruff and acne, and  heals rough, cracked, wrinkled skin.  It is anti-inflammatory, aids in  treatment of eczema and dermatitis and is a natural insect repellent.

Lemongrass possesses a sweet and lemony aroma and is  said to stimulate the mind and lift the spirit. It acts as an  antidepressant, antiseptic, bactericide, astringent, insecticide and  fungicide.  Helps acne and is a natural deodorant and insect repellent.

Lavender is analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic,  antiviral, bactericidal, decongestant, deodorant, fungicide and  sedative.  It also promotes the growth of new skin cells, has a healing  effect on burns and sunburn, acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis,  dandruff and scarring.  It is a natural deodorant.

Fir Needle has a clear, balsamic and refreshing aroma.  It is antiseptic, sedative and expectorant.

Geranium possesses a sweet, heavy aroma, somewhat  like a rose.  The oil is known for its calming, antidepressant  properties.  It is also analgesic, antiseptic and insecticidal. Used to  combat acne, dermatitis, eczema, mature skin. A natural mosquito  repellent.

Clary Sage has a heavy, herbal, nutty fragrance.   This relaxing, warming oil is an antidepressant and eases nervous  tension. Used to combat acne, boils, dandruff, hair loss, inflammation,  skin wrinkles. Should be avoided during pregnancy.

Cedarwood’s aroma is woody and sweet.  It works to  calm nervous tension and functions as an expectorant.  It is very  cleansing and is effective against acne and scalp disorders, eczema,  dermatitis, fungal infections, hair loss.  Should be avoided during  pregnancy.

Eucalyptus, with its camphorous, woody undertones,  cools emotions and aids concentration.  Some of its other functions  include: decongestant, insecticide, fungicide, analgesic, antirheumatic  and, antiseptic. Used to combat dandruff and to heal wounds and is a  natural insect repellent.

Other Botanicals


Wholesome Rolled Oats contain Vitamin E, are gently  abrasive to remove old skin cells, and draw impurities out through the  skin to thoroughly cleanse and soothe irritation.

Goat’s Milk, Coconut Milk and Buttermilk  make very protein-rich soaps that are especially beneficial (soothing  and softening) to sensitive skins.  These contain Vitamin A, B Vitamins,  pantothenic acid, folic acid, Vitamins C and D, as well as many  minerals.  Milk soaps are even creamier, richer and are especially  gentle.

Calendula Infusion is made by steeping calendula  petals in warm oil (we use olive oil).  The healing oils contained in  the flower petals are drawn from the flower into the olive oil, and the  resulting infused oil is then used in our products.  Calendula oil is  extremely healing and soothing to the skin.  It is often used to treat  eczema.

Aloe Vera Gel is extracted from the leaf of the aloe  vera cactus.  This is a very healing gel that is effective against dry  and chapped skin, eczema and burns.

We use many other organically grown herbs in our products.  They are  too numerous to explain in detail in these pages, but we’d be most happy  to provide you with any desired information.  Simply contact us and you’ll receive a prompt reply!