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About Our Soap - Handcrafted in Mahtowa!

Interested in the details about our soaps? Read on!


Wild Fern Herbal Soaps are handcrafted using the traditional cold process method, which allows the nutrient value of the ingredients to remain undamaged.  At the same time, this method retains in the soap the naturally formed moisturizing glycerin – unlike most commercial soaps.  Commercial soap companies eliminate the glycerin from soaps and sell it separately, this deprives the skin of the natural moisturizing glycerin and generally leaves the skin feeling dry.  Wild Fern soaps are unique even in the world of natural soaps, as our soaps contain 11 different moisturizing oils.  Since they are hand-cut, bar sizes vary slightly, weighing between 3 1/2 and 4 ounces.  All soaps are labeled with a complete list of ingredients.  We also carry handcrafted wooden soap dishes.

What exactly is soap, anyway? Soap is made by combining oils/fats with a base (lye), producing a reaction that converts these ingredients into soap and glycerin.  The soap is ready to use after curing for several weeks.  Soap functions by helping water to coat the skin, and then by joining the water to the dirt to be removed.  Once the dirt and water have connected, the dirt is free to rinse away.

Wild Fern Soaps are made using a combination of top-quality, nutrient-rich carrier oils, such as jojoba, sunflower, and sweet almond oils.  Each oil contributes its own unique benefits to the skin.  All recipes produce a soap that is gentle, moisturizing, and thoroughly cleansing. Other ingredients used in some recipes, all very wholesome, include honey, cereal grains, goat’s milk, herbs, flowers and spices. Most of our soaps also contain essential oils, which offer the additional benefits of aromatherapy.

What isn’t in our soaps? This question is important, because it’s what you leave out of a bath product that makes it skin-friendly.  Chemical-free products are essential for healthy skin, especially sensitive, dry or problem skin.  Ingredients such as artificial colorants, foaming agents, and preservatives can cause allergies and skin problems.  We do provide some soaps that, while natural in every other way, contain fragrance oils rather than essential oils.  To avoid confusion for those who wish to use only 100% natural products, our soaps that are completely natural are specially marked.