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Making Soap!

Ready to see how we make a batch of soap? Complete with pictures.

We start with our base oils, measured carefully for a specific combination of oils to make the perfect bar.  Some of these oils are solid at room-temperature, so they must be heated.  At this time, we also prepare the lye, mixing with a specific amount of water.  Then both the oils and lye must cool for a few hours.

In the meantime, we can prepare the other ingredients for the batch of soap.  This includes measuring essential and fragrance oils, herbs, colorants, and any other ingredient.  With 55 varieties of soap, there are quite a few options!  Generally though, it's the essential/fragrance oils, herbs, and possibly an added colorant.  Interestingly, often the oils and herbs themselves act to color the soap.

The next step is to mix it all together, in the appropriate order, using our standard processes.  The result of this, is liquid 'soap' sitting in the molds.  To fully become soap, with that firm, high-quality that you know well, it must rest for a couple days in the molds to saponify (react between the lye and the oils)

A few days later, we cut the soap into bars, each one a hefty example of the care we've taken to ensure consistency and quality.  It goes to the drying racks, and finishes curing for at least 6 weeks to ensure complete safety. 

Then it is labeled and wrapped for you!  Our stock is constantly moving, and we take great care to ensure our inventory is high-quality and fresh.  Our soap keeps very well for a few years though, so if you want to stock up, no need to worry about shelf life!  These bars will stay firm and fragrant for you.

So, what do you say?  After coming with, watching your soap be made, would you like to try some?